For Craig…

True Method

I probably should’ve posted this yesterday in memory of the late great Craig Kelly, but for some reason it just slipped my mind.  A lot of kids nowadays probably never even heard of him let alone know why he’s famous.  I mean, he was almost at the peak of his career around the time I was born so I barely know who he is.  I do know, however, that many if not all of us owe him a bit of gratitude and respect.  Without Craig there might not be such a thing as freeriding like we know it today, and style wouldn’t exist.  He also understood the spirit of snowboarding and gave the mountain the respect it deserves.

Checking the dailies yesterday, and I came across this tribute on Keys to Reality

It’s a pretty short editorial, but the article written by Ken Achenbach is killer – definitely stirs up some emotions.  Albeit, things have changed nowadays in regards to sponsorships and the like, especially with a weakening economy and poor winter conditions due to “climate change,” I think many of us who participate in the sport can relate to the article on one level or another.  The article is from Jan. ’92 and is one of Craig’s favorites.  If you can figure out why, then you can guess where Craig’s heart lies and why he was such a positive influence on the snowboarding community.

I won’t make this blog about the pros and cons of selling out because there are great rationales for both (e.g. making money and riding all year vs. “keepin’ it ‘core”), but I do want to say that no matter where you sit on the fence, you’ll always have the keys in your pocket.  The difference is which one you choose to throw out and why.

“Enjoy the journey…”

For Craig…

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