They Might Be Giants

The following anecdote is taken in part from a sermon given by Michael Dalton that I heard last night:

Facing giants is a very intimidating feat once you think about it. Of course, we’re not talking about mystical creatures or fairy tale characters, but, realistically, the fact that you’re battling someone who is at least double in height, someone 10-15 ft. tall, that’s a scary thought. It’s more than standing up to a bully, too. They’re big people! These individuals are wearing rings the size of your belt. The dining table you’re eating at holds the serving size of their average meal. Their bedroom is the size of your house, and their fields could easily fill the volume of a football field. So naturally the bigger the giant, the greater their possessions.

The process of a Spirit-filled life, which ultimately includes victory, favor, and fulfilled prophecies that we obtain from God and the Holy Spirit, are quite analogous to battling giants. The end result, when our words come to pass and we receive the revelation and favor that has been granted to us, is like the spoils of war that we receive upon defeating the giant – jewelry worth millions, a mansion for ourselves, a harvest to feed an entire town – they’re far greater than we could ever imagine. But, like I said, the greater the reward, the bigger the giant. And there are people who have received words that contain some pretty big rewards, which means some pretty big battles with some pretty big giants. It’s not just in facing these giants that we receive the reward either; we have to destroy, overcome, and defeat the enemy.

Not even a day went by after I received a strong prophetic word that I began to encounter spiritual attack, that I started to face my giants. In fact, that very night in my dreams I had a vision of failing at something very tangible and actually scheduled to happen (obviously I am not scheduling or planning the failure). I don’t know what’s more discouraging – that it all happened after I had such an amazing day after receiving the word or that the attack came so quickly. Starting with my dreams, to difficult work-related news, to discouraging emails, to physical pain, to irritation with individuals…it’s like the entire day was given as a footstool to the enemy, and my life open as the battleground to spiritual warfare.

What’s probably more discouraging is that not once throughout the day did I invite and beckon God to meet me through it all. It never even occurred to me until this evening that this is what was going on. Just as my last post said, I still have a lot to learn about my relationship with Him.

It makes sense that the enemy would try to get a head start on distracting and discouraging me from fulfilling my promises with God, from activating the prophetic, one with such a physical manifestation. The hard part is being able to discern when and how all of this happens. There’s no preparation to take other than asking God to meet me every single day. Even then I’m still scared, still lacking in faith.

God doesn’t set things in motion for our words to come to pass without first putting us through trials that test us to determine if we’re ready to receive the reward. He’s not just going to hand over the goods if we’re not ready and mature enough to use it. Nobody who was ever good at anything, without being gifted, has skipped the process of training and practice and gone straight to achieving. God isn’t going to grant us favor if we’re irresponsible and can’t even trust him with the junk in our lives.

I think the coming months are going to be full of days like today, days where the enemy is strong and pervasive through every aspect, every minuscule detail of life. But life is the process, and the process requires and creates endurance and faith. When endurance and faith are strong, perseverance is built. When perseverance is built, joy is revealed. In that joy there is much peace and freedom, enough to go through the process but not enough to be held back and un-involved with it.

It will be very nice to sleep in my mansion and harvest a feast for the town.

Until then, bring on the giants.

They Might Be Giants

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