New Beginnings

While sitting on my couch, I face a purple haze hovering above the White Mountains. The sun is setting behind Mammoth Mountain, leaving a golden glow along the horizon. As I take a more panoramic view out of my window, I realize that in just one night a white blanket managed to cover the entire town of Mammoth Lakes. All of this gets me thinking about how much God moved this past weekend.

The Station hosted SFC USA’s annual conference during the last three days, and along with meeting new family members and getting happily reacquainted with old ones, there was also something quite awesome about what happened, particularly with the weather pattern. On the day that the conference attendees arrived the winds started to blow in, giving signs of an imminent storm. The following two days would prove a test to many attendees’ will-power in facing the natural elements that they weren’t used to. Inside the Lodge was warmth, fellowship and communion with God. Outside was a war-zone. I’m surprised there weren’t more cranky people throughout the weekend because I often heard concerns about the cabins tipping over due to the winds. Even while on the mountain the weather didn’t seem to let up. It was as if mother nature tried to keep us down and curse us with 80mph gusts and icy park conditions. But it was still fun. A lot of fun.

On the last day of the conference, the weather finally started to ease up. The winds had ceased and the snow began to fall straight down, softly covering the town pure and clean. As the day carried on, the clouds rolled out and the end result of nature’s wrath proved to be a gift as the town was transformed overnight into a surreal winter heaven.

All of this to say that the journey for new and old SFC chapter reps and SFC USA, in general, was marked by God with the weather. The arrival of the conference attendees/start of the new season for each rep was and is faced with a storm, whether it be crazy winds, ice, discouragement, fear, or fatigue. But at the end of the weekend, when the reps received encouragement and hope in fellowship with God, He blessed all of us overnight with a clean slate. He wiped away all the junk and dirt in our lives and in this town with a simple breath. Now the world as we see it is almost unrecognizable yet still very familiar. It offers a new beginning, a sign of peace and renewed vision.

My hope is that each and every rep take note of this revelation He’s given me and let it pervade your lives and ministries back in your town. God totally showed me that He’s ready to bless all of you for the work you’re doing if you just brace the storm with Him. And when you make it through, the work you’ve done together is going to be beautiful and pure.

New Beginnings

One thought on “New Beginnings

  1. Thats awesome Jeremy! It was a gnarly storm for sure, But the peace that was in the air on Sunday morning was breath taking! Love ya Bru. Love The Station. See you soon!

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