Oh, how He loves

God answers prayers. Whether you believe in Him or not, He’s proven Himself to me (not that He really needs to prove anything, right?) in just a couple of weeks. I’ve always wondered what it looks like when He shows up and what people mean when they say things will happen “in His timing.” He really does care about what we want, which I now realize usually ends up being what we need.

The frozen water main that we all [wrongfully] thought was going to be the demise of the camp was thawed out and practically paid for just in time for our first winter camp; His thick and unabated presence at the same camp seemed to overflow from the thawed pipes themselves and was a clear indication that we are indeed having an influence on this generation; He provided me time to have a taste of church during our last camp, which has been something I’ve been yearning for for the past month; He gave me the opportunity and allowed my heart to be filled with the joy that comes from seeing and being around my Mammoth family even if it was for just a few minutes at Black Velvet, another thing that I’ve been longing for ever since I started working a second job; When I thought no one could cover my shift this Sunday so I can go to church, the schedule gets changed the very next day and has someone to cover my shift; My full day off was spent snowboarding, goofing, and being with Mammoth family; I received news that I have the following day off to be filled with the exact same things!

Everything that I’ve been asking for in the past month has come to pass in full. He’s quite the romancer, isn’t He?

Today at the bus stop, Melissa reiterated part of this past Sunday’s message to me: people won’t receive the favor they have until they start realizing the favor they carry. Praise to the One who loves!

Oh, how He loves

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