Believe in Something Bigger

A couple of months ago this was one of the first billboard advertisements I saw for the CA Lottery Powerball jackpot, which is awarding up to $270 MILLION. The immediate and only reaction I got from this ad was the blatant emphasis that, as a country, we have come to the ultimate point where money is god. Yes, this cliche has been thrown around for decades, but how much more obvious can you get? Quite honestly, it sickens and saddens me. This message invokes the sentiment that we’ve succumbed to the almighty power of the dollar, that we can’t take control or take care of ourselves without the supernatural influence of money. It’s saddening that money has become such a powerful, ruling force in our lives, that it is the only thing we need to better ourselves.

Clearly, this is wrong for personal, “religious” reasons. But aside from the dichotomy of God vs. money, do we all really believe that money is above us? That we have lack the power to control our own lives and they would be better off with the help of a buck? For our sake, and for the sake of future generations I sure hope not.

Believe in Something Bigger

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