One Year Later

Yesterday was my one year anniversary with my bride. Although we had a slumber party on the beach on Friday night and had needed quality time together all day Saturday, we spent a majority of our actual anniversary day apart. Why? Because my wife was helping set up for another wedding.

Can you believe it? One of the most important and memorable days of our lives, and my wife decides to help make it one of the most important for someone else. But was I offended or morose because we couldn’t be together?  Definitely not.  I eventually met up with her at the wedding anyway.
But she had been running around all day, helping and serving others in every way she could and knew how, never once complaining or throwing a fit. Then, when I saw her hand-deliver plates of food to the groom and bride with the biggest smile on her face, I couldn’t help but feel so proud and in love with her. She was so beautiful. How honored am I that I married someone so selfless and loving that she would take this day, our day, to help make someone else’s one of the most important in their lives?
My wife has a certain way with people that I don’t see too often in others – she manages to naturally make people feel loved, cherished, and important all at the sacrifice of her self. She also takes great joy out of it. This in itself is very rare. Most of us probably only feel happy when we get something we want – emotionally, physically, tangibly – never by giving up something of ours. In this, I know her love will never expire nor run out and thus she will never compromise our vows, commitment, and covenant. By taking joy in serving others, she gives me a real-life example of Christ’s selfless love, something that I am honored and blessed to come home to every night.
One Year Later